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These files are normal CSS and are deployed by uploading to the /Portals/_default/ folder.

NOTE: this will replace the default.css file that comes with DotNetNuke. Please ensure they are configured properly before uploading.

Turn CSS code on and off by adjusting the comments surrounding the @import lines. In default.css, turn 'on' all components your public visitors will require.

The Admin.css file includes more files NOT included in default.css. It's cumulative and include important style for the admin interfaces. If a component is needing for all users, simply move to default.css

If you are using the Dark Knight skin, be sure to include the default-upgradefixes.css file.

Default-normailze.css and Default-normailzeIE.css are additional files from and can be used in place of default-reset.css.

The normal upgrade procedure will reset the default.css file back to the original. To restore, visit this page for the corresponding package to upload again.

It is recommended to add your own default.custom.css import rule to add additional rules. This will keep your safe from deletion during any upgrades.

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